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update cmod 7.2.0-RC4 galaxy mini kang

My previous post brought a post about how to install cmod 7 7.2 RC1, on this occasion I will post more updates from cmod 7 cmod7 7.2 RC4 is a newly edited yanuar brother.There are a lot of changes especially in terms of performance that makes the galaxy you are better than ever.Now I've been wearing cmod update 7.2 rc 4 7 this because I think it is more stable and leboh better than previous versions.But remember this is only for the galaxy to the other mini-course I have not tried it because I think it will fail when tested in addition to the mini galaxy.

Ok we just see how to install it:

 download this file:



1.move data to sd card
2.Reboot to Recovery Mode
3.Select Wipe data and cache
4.Select install zip from sd card
5.Select choose zip from sd card
6.Select the new CM7 ROM
7.Select Yes - Install update
8.Wait till the Installation is finish
9.Select Wipe data and cache
10.Select Wipe cache partition
11.Select reboot system now
 If successful then show your phone will change like this:


 Softer appearance

Can choose a theme

 live walpaper


If the boot does not work please wipe the data and cache it again and reboot your mini galaxy
Only be used if you have installed the CMW can you look at my post in category upgrade android> upgrade to ginggerbread.
If you follow this tutorial correctly then you will not experience bootloop and failed to install.
Use wisely your phone because you will change everything in the phone including cell phones and firmware inherited automatically guarantee you will be lost when it came serviser know.

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