Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

update cmod 7.2.0-RC1 galaxy mini kang

In my post yesterday I've posted update cmod 7.1.0-RC1 galaxy mini.And this time I'll post again the development of custom rom tj-styile them.Cmod 7.2.0-rc1 is a mini-kang galaxy which we will try this time.In this version we will be given a good look and better than the factory standard room that I think is boring.Room this development brings changes from 7.1.0-rc1 cmod earlier that I think there are still bugs that have not been fixed.Immediately, this is it looks:

 download this file:

 How to install it? easy it is:
1.Galaxy mini gingerbread 2.3.4 you must have if not silahka you will see in here
2.Move update 7.2.0-rc1 cmod galaxy mini kang had the memory card
3.into recovery, wipe data and cache install from sdcard then choose zip from sdcard select the file on purpose then select yes
5.wait until the installation is complete
6.then reboot your mini galaxy
7.Wait until you get a mini galaxy in standby mode
8.If you fail to boot into recovery mode again and then clear the data and cache

There has been no radio feature in it and I'll post later in the next posting
In general, runs smoothly on my mini galaxy and almost all the bugs are fixed.
There is an increase in the build os from 2.3.4 to 2.3.7 and this also leads to a better quality game.
Good luck.

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