Minggu, 22 Januari 2012


You must have never played fighting games on the console games like playstation or x box 360 right? this game really makes the game more thrilling and exciting to play.Times in any games that you play is ready to BATTLE FOR Rebirth.These games we will become a master of kung fu who will fight the thugs who have urban street or alley.With a variety of tricks that can make the enemy can not dwell at all.When in a state of urgency you can use various weapons you can use as petrol bombs and bat basebaal and so forth.Packed with pictures of good 3d games are able to entertain us even though this game is very small only about 15 mb only.Immediately, we tasted this game because if we download over the market it will pay $ 1 dollar but here I make available free of charge for you.
Here's BATTLE FOR Rebirth:

 Interesting is not it?? ok just your taste:
I have tried this game on my mini galaxy and running smoothly without any lag at all.
Welcome to Play

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