Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Playing PS1 games on Android

Sony PlayStation 1 was our gaming gaming arena in our childhood,
FPSE named application can help us bring back those
memories of those games which we used to play on our
There are many Playstation 1 games which can be played on
our Samsung Galaxy Y.
Well I wont be posting of each new PS1 game on this blog,
but you can visit here for it -
Its a blog made by my friend - samsix56
 Tutorial -

1) Download and install FPSE from here - LINK
2) Along with the APK you will get a file named SCPH1001.BIN keep it in the SD card we will need it later
3) Open the application, it will show some notices, read them and then after it the app will show you a screen  where you will find names of files, then press the menu button.
4) There will be a menu coming up, then press the first option (see the video)
5) Now press the 'SYSTEM' tab
6) Now select 'Bios loading'
7) Now you will enter the file manager mode, then select SD card at the bottom of the list
8) Now locate the place where you have kept your SCPH1001.BIN file.
9) Scroll down and select 'Default config save'
10) Now press back until you go back to the file list and locate the game in your SD card.
11) Once you download a game from they will contain either a normal extract or a archive with 'COSI.exe' with it, if its a COSI is there, then then open COSI.exe and select the game file which came wiht it and select extract.
12) The game will start. Play it with the onscreen gamepad, the touchscreen wont work.
 video tutorial:
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